My own @bookwyrm instance is up at 📚

The next step is to run @cj own @activitypub test server against it and see if it can help find areas that can be improved.

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@bookwyrm @cj Here is one ActivityPub conformance problem (MUST) reported by

The test is: "Handles A Reply Requiring Inbox Fowarding"

Attempting to fetch from Database by IRI
2021-05-12 Successfully fetched from database
[2] cannot get request path from context in GetKeyInfo
Could not build a new transport
[0] cannot get request path from context in GetKeyInfo

@dachary Hey, do you think this an internal error with the test suite, or an error in the application under test, or unsure and need help debugging?

@cj I'm not sure at this point. I hope it will ring a belle for @bookwyrm

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