We have found and fedeproxy.eu is starting 🚀

Our project team is *very* motivated to do the right thing, and we need your input and help 🙏

We'll offer @activitypub federation between to provide seamless interop between repo's wherever they are hosted.

1st question: What's your preferred forge?

Other (please respond)

Boosts appreciated!

@strypey @dachary what Secure Scuttlebutt do with their git-on-SSB idea is orthogonal, but interesting. Would you federate with a distributed code forge :-) ? Assuming there is enough user interest, that is.

I hope to understand one day why OpenPGP pubkeys (or X.509 certs) aren't a login ID for any service. Is it a technical no-go, or a UX no-go? It could make logins, even OAuth, obsolete, make Forgefed et al's job easier too.

@wyatwerp @strypey I would federate all the things, honestly :-) But as you point out it makes sense to create software improves what users do with the tools they currently have.

There is evidence that Free Software developers routinely cross reference issues (inserting URLs in commits messages or in issue comments) located on different forges. This is a heartbreaking case of federation done manually.

@fedeproxy should implement that first.

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