What are your reasons for leaving #GitHub?
Do you know any blog articles for enlightening users?
Do you move to #Codeberg, another #Gitea instance or somewhere else?


@codeberg I deleted my account three years ago. I used it to contribute to Free Software projects that only use this proprietary platform. When I started using GitHub I constantly tried (and failed) to convince projects to self-host using Free Software instead. As more and more Free Software projects I care about moved to GitHub, I ended up using it daily and it made me sad.

I started the @fedeproxy project this year to federate projects out of GitHub.

@dachary, did you know that jami is going to use git repos for group conversations. P2P-propagated git repos! maybe we can use that infrastructure for distributed git hosting?

Other than to grab a copy to compile, I'm not a real git user, but I promote codeberg as an alternative to selfhosting.

@codeberg @fedeproxy

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