Hi all! I'm a software dev based in San Francisco. I'm into Gemini, decentralization, and software minimalism and I'm the admin/developer for flounder.online/ (gemini://flounder.online)

Currently working on a couple of projects related to self-hosting git: git.alexwennerberg.com/mygit

I look forward to being a part of Merveilles!


@aw will this be the first minimalist forge with federation built in? That would be ✨ fantastic 🌟

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@dachary It's not really a "forge" in a traditional sense, just a set of tools that make it easy to self host git + a mailing list. It'll be federated via email and RSS, but I could support read-only activitypub as well. both services will be read-only / pull based for simplicity of self hosting.

@aw You wrote "...not being on GitHub means you lose a lot of discoverability,.." and I'm not sure I understand. I'm under the impression that people use generic search engines like DuckDuckGo for everything. I for one never use the GitHub search. Did anyone study how people discover the existence of a given Free Software and published the results ?

@dachary That would be an interesting study, but I for example use github search or a google search with "github" pretty frequently, and I think many others do as well

@aw Interesting! You're probably correct. So when looking for a Free Software that implements "Perfect Hash Tables" you would type "Perfect Hash Tables github" in Google to narrow down the search? Do you recall the last search of that kind you did?

@dachary I was trying to answer the question "has anyone written a finger client in Rust?" and searched github, Google, and crates.io for finger rust or finger client rust. finding nothing, I wrote my own: git.alexwennerberg.com/misc/tr

@dachary @aw Stats show that putting your project on MS #Github *reduces* participation: infosec.exchange/@bojkotiMalbo Also, there is chatter about shaming Github projects in the #FSF Directory, and I hope it reaches that point.

@resist1984 @dachary Interesting, but I'd imagine there's a lot of selection bias in that poll. Regardless, ideologically I'm on board, I am in the process of moving my projects to a self-hosting service I wrote: git.alexwennerberg.com/mygit

@aw @resist1984 I hope @fedeproxy will be ready when you close your GitHub account. I closed mine years ago and participating in Free Software projects trapped in GitHub became difficult and tedious. The curse of 0% interoperability 😭

If you want a taste of what it is like, feel free to read the three part story I wrote about a contribution I made a few months ago.


@resist1984 Interesting. I wish there were more sourcehut instances aside from sr.ht

@resist1984 @aw I'm very surprised @codeberg is in the list of forges that "should still be avoided if possible". I do not share their opinion, at all 😞

@resist1984 @dachary @aw Well, a poll of 34 people on the pro-privacy Fediverse, is sadly not a perfect image of the whole developers community, sadly :(. I moved my few projects from Github to a well known privacy friendly French foundation gitlab instance when Microsoft acquired Github, but I continue to bug report to important project of FOSS community that didn't migrate. and it looks like a developer of iBus (one of the 2 main complexe script input method system of Linux with fcitx) github account can interact with my account on this gitlab (software, not company) instance.

@popolon @aw @dachary it depends on the project. If your project is a Facebook tool, there would be little correlation. But if the project is intended to serve the pro-privacy community, then of course a fedi survey would be a good statistical sample.

@resist1984 @aw @dachary There are projects in between as said. The main linux complex script input method (that allow most S/SE/E asian people to write on their computer in their native script) , that perhaps started before Facebook existed, is an example, among others.

@dachary and @aw, SourceHut also federated through emails and RSS, but it’s a nightmare to set up for self-hosting until more documentation is written

@cnx @aw How many independant instances are there? I'm only aware of sr.ht/ but I did not research much 😃

@dachary, I am only aware of code.netlandish.com and hut.lavatech.top, the former is used by a private company and the latter only has the CI service.

@aw @cnx found two code.netlandish.com and hut.lavatech.top.

@aw @cnx true, but it is a good sign: even if it is difficult to self host , some people managed to do it.

There is a *very* big difference between being self-hostable in theory ( is an example) and being self-hostable in practice.

The steps to be *easily* self-hostable require less work.

@dachary The most difficult part is probably email, which is nigh impossible to self host these days. you'd need to use aws ses or something which at least partially defeats the purpose

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