@aw Interesting! You're probably correct. So when looking for a Free Software that implements "Perfect Hash Tables" you would type "Perfect Hash Tables github" in Google to narrow down the search? Do you recall the last search of that kind you did?

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@dachary @aw Stats show that putting your project on MS #Github *reduces* participation: Also, there is chatter about shaming Github projects in the #FSF Directory, and I hope it reaches that point.

@resist1984 @dachary @aw Well, a poll of 34 people on the pro-privacy Fediverse, is sadly not a perfect image of the whole developers community, sadly :(. I moved my few projects from Github to a well known privacy friendly French foundation gitlab instance when Microsoft acquired Github, but I continue to bug report to important project of FOSS community that didn't migrate. and it looks like a developer of iBus (one of the 2 main complexe script input method system of Linux with fcitx) github account can interact with my account on this gitlab (software, not company) instance.

@popolon @aw @dachary it depends on the project. If your project is a Facebook tool, there would be little correlation. But if the project is intended to serve the pro-privacy community, then of course a fedi survey would be a good statistical sample.

@resist1984 @aw @dachary There are projects in between as said. The main linux complex script input method (that allow most S/SE/E asian people to write on their computer in their native script) , that perhaps started before Facebook existed, is an example, among others.
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