Hi all! I'm a software dev based in San Francisco. I'm into Gemini, decentralization, and software minimalism and I'm the admin/developer for flounder.online/ (gemini://flounder.online)

Currently working on a couple of projects related to self-hosting git: git.alexwennerberg.com/mygit

I look forward to being a part of Merveilles!

@aw will this be the first minimalist forge with federation built in? That would be ✨ fantastic 🌟

@dachary and @aw, SourceHut also federated through emails and RSS, but it’s a nightmare to set up for self-hosting until more documentation is written

@cnx @aw How many independant instances are there? I'm only aware of sr.ht/ but I did not research much 😃


@aw @cnx found two code.netlandish.com and hut.lavatech.top.

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@aw @cnx true, but it is a good sign: even if it is difficult to self host , some people managed to do it.

There is a *very* big difference between being self-hostable in theory ( is an example) and being self-hostable in practice.

The steps to be *easily* self-hostable require less work.

@dachary The most difficult part is probably email, which is nigh impossible to self host these days. you'd need to use aws ses or something which at least partially defeats the purpose

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