@fedeproxy becomes @forgefriends ... because it is a name that better reflects the purpose of the project: bridging the gap between

If you're interested to know more about the idea and the process that led to this change, it's all there:

A round of applause to @humanetech who came up with this nice name 👏

@dachary @humanetech @fedeproxy Thanks for linking to the discussion, I was too tired to see the double meaning. Now I love the name.

I love the "two merges about to shake hands" logo too.

@stevenroose @dachary @fedeproxy

#ForgeFriends allows one instance of #gitea to seamlessly interoperate with another instance via proxies.

@gitea is the first #forge that's adding #ActivityPub support. When in a later stage #Gitlab or #SourceHut join, then from your own Gitea account you participate in a gitlab repo. You don't need to leave your own environment, and the barrier to contribute elsewhere is significantly lower.

Note that this starts with issue tracking but can be much extended.

> is an online service to federate forges. The software projects hosted on one forge are synchronized in real time with their counterparts on other forges, via the W3C ActivityPub protocol. Developers can freely use the forge of their choosing while contributing to the same project.…

@humanetech @gitea @stevenroose @dachary @fedeproxy
@pluralistic Huh. I got the link from… which has the www in the link text but the kittens in the href. I wonder how that happened.

What is kittens? A staging server?

@jauntywunderkind420 @dachary

@clacke it looks like forgefriends is actually fedeproxy renamed, not a separate initiative if you read through the list of blog posts

@staticvoidmaine That's what I said: ForgeFriends's maiden name with which it was born was Fedeproxy.
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