Are you a native 🇨🇳 Chinese speaker software developer? One hour :clock: of your time will help , please :pray: reply.

@forgefriends needs you to improve the linguistic diversity during the next videoconference. The goal is to be more inviting to the vibrant Chinese community.

Boost appreciated!

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@gitea @forgefriends Good question! An interpreter will be available translate from mandarin to English during the videoconference.

@dachary @forgefriends I’ll ask in our chat (we have several language specific channels, inclus une pour le langue francais), and I presume you’ve posted on our forum (if you haven’t, I can as well). Also I apologize for my kindergartener level French above 😆

@dachary @forgefriends ah, clearly I am@running on zero@sleep, you had posted a link to our forum

@gitea @forgefriends I did not post on discord because I'm a Free Software vegetarian and do not use proprietary services. It would be great if you announce this in the Chinese discord channel ✨

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