A must read to understand what is about and what is going to happen.

The "State of the : 2021 to 2023" report was published today on the @forgefriends blog. It contains a retrospective of what happened in the past year and explains what is likely to happen in the next twelve months.


@dachary Can you succinctly explain the difference between ForgeFed and Friendly Forge Format? Why can't ForgeFed's vocabulary be used to store the state of the project?


@minoru @forgefriends I'm glad you ask 😃 It was discussed today with @fr33domlover from @forgefed and my answer would be:

ForgeFed is an ActivityPub extension with its own vocabulary and models represented in JSON-LD.

The Friendly Forge Format is a JSON based Open File Format providing a strongly consistent representation of a software project at a given point in time.

You will find a full description here: forum.forgefriends.org/t/about

@dachary Sorry, this doesn't quite answer it. I read ForgeFed draft last year, and I scrolled through the F3 spec before asking yesterday. It still looks like F3 overlaps with ForgeFed's vocabulary a lot, so I still wonder why not unify the two.

I understand that F3 has its roots in Gitea while ForgeFed was basically dreamed up. So maybe they haven't been unified yet, just because that work hasn't been done?

@forgefriends @fr33domlover @forgefed


@minoru @forgefriends @fr33domlover @forgefed here is another way to look at it: F3 is to ForgeFed what PNG is to <img src="data:image/png;base64, ...>.

Although they both represent the same thing, they do it in a way that is best suited for storage at rest versus sending over a protocol.

Does that help?

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