Henlo, my fellow timeline dwellers! ☄ As everyone knows, I am Lee Lonely Daehwi who is seeking for anyone who wants to befriend with me! Please come a little closer and say hi, I don't bite! (๑•̀_•́๑)✧

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@skzhyunjin Hello there, Hyunjin! 🥺💗 I am glad to find my fellow 00z mate! Kindly wishing you a great Wednesday ahead.

╱. Anyway, I think I've seen you before. We are friends in another platform? 👀

@daehwi Daehwi my liner mate! Thank you so much, I hope you will have an amazing Wednesday.

writer: woah, really? Mind to tell me about that on DM? 👀

@daehwi congratulations senior, you just gain [+1] lil minjeongie {or you know me as.. winter!}

@winterkim I acknowledge you, Minjeongie baby! <3 I am setting my eyes on Aespa, can you feel my enthusiasm! We should meet at MCountDown after your debut, I will introduce you to ’errone! (*,,˃ ᵕ ˂ )

@jihuo Such an honor to be called this way by Jiho noonyim! I adore Oh My Girl senior, especially noona. ♡__♡

@daehwi Uwaaaaah! Really? Thank you so much. 🥺💗

@Jenniez NINI NOONA! I sang your verse in Lovesick Girls on my Vlive a few days ago! It is addictive. You serve! ♥ __ ♥

@daehwi wow.. Really? I'm gonna watch it, anyway thank you so much Daehwi! 👀💗 have you eat your lunch?

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