@jeynnie Noted, noona. Sure will do later, since my account got s worded. 😿

@junkyuu ╱. Punya aku s word, tapi kalau cyber account ada.. mungkin kurang nyaman ya kalau tiba-tiba followan ca..

@xuanjjin If you are off to sleep, I hope you'll have a nice dream, Hyunjin! 🌃

╱. Does anyone want to befriend with me on my twitter account?

I am not the type of person to believe a rumor easily. But I'll choose the safest way for now.. I am going to delete my account! So, farewell and thank you! ♡

@TuTontawan P'Tu, I was away for few hours and I supposed so many things happened? But hello! Please welcome this baby otter too, a.k.a me! 👋

@joyuI Hello, Yuri! Can your linermate be your friends too? 🧸

@winm O-oh! I didn't mean to be greedy, P'Win! Let's just call it.. excited? I am excited to befriend with you! I love any type of cookies, so I will take whatever P'Win will give! 🍪

Announcement! @englishroleplayer is here to help us who use English on a daily basis in order to find friends! Give them a follow. 🎀

@kyuu I am interested in being your friend, Changmin hyung!

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APA SIH BEDANYA mastodon.online dan mstdn.social?

a thread. help boost.

@winm ╱. Click on their profile and click the three dots button??? Or some kind of that. Then this should be shown! Choose the direct message, of course!

@Jenniez NINI NOONA! I sang your verse in Lovesick Girls on my Vlive a few days ago! It is addictive. You serve! ♥ __ ♥

@INTLRPW Gowon noona! I am volunteering myself. : your hair reminds me of mint flavoured ice cream. 🍦

@jihuo Such an honor to be called this way by Jiho noonyim! I adore Oh My Girl senior, especially noona. ♡__♡

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