The tumbleweeds are starting to grow on my Facebook and Twitter accounts (and various other accounts that are doing my nut), and if Mastodon continues to be as awesome as it appears to be, those tumbleweeds are going to roll.

Which will be cool, since I'd rather spend my time writing than messing around with multiple social media accounts. No great loss anyway, as I don't have many followers on any of them.

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@danielmackillican welcome aboard, friend! I try to use the corporate-owned social media networks sparingly. The toxicity, censorship, tracking, and psychological manipulation have turned them into raging dumpster fires.

@dallin Thanks for the welcome, and I couldn't agree more with your description of the current state of most of the other social media systems out there.

Whenever I use Factblock or the Twit-stream I feel like I'm trying to battle my way onto a subway train in rush hour, whereas Mastodon feels like I'm sat back with a glass of red wine listening to Mozart.

@danielmackillican Mastodon is awesome and efficient using its communities in decentralized ways to keep topics on the right path. I don't bring up politics on here because life's to short.

@danielmackillican Yes I'm realizing my FB activity is dropping to zero too!

@danielmackillican a thing which drove me away from both Fashbook and Adolf Twittlers masses was how Fashbook and Twitter allowed it to grow and groom younger generations into the path of becoming fascists and members of the alt-right. Standing idly by and just seeing what would happen.

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