There are already many awesome Nextcloud apps out there. Do you want to be the developer of the next great app? Join the #Nextcloud app development contest and win 500€, a Nextcloud mug and a free trip to our conference.

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Who builds the best @nextcloud app? We're launching a contest! The 5 nominations get travel support to join our conference - where the winning app will earn 500 euro and a Nextcloud mug ☕️

@daphnemuller @nextcloud You really nailed the art of sending flowers 🌺🌹🌷💐🌻 It's great to have you as team leader.

In this box you see the 40 presents with a thank-you note which I'm sending out to the @nextcloud support team. The team worked incredibly hard to scale up in the expertise areas where we have most demand. As a result we met 99% of the SLA's over the last three months 🎉. Next year, I'll continue at Nextcloud as Manager Alliances, Ecosystem & Support where I will take additional responsibility to grow the number of community apps and integrate Nextcloud seamlessly with other popular software.

Will Uber still exist in 5 years from now? I was invited on a podcast of the Dutch broadcasting organisation VPRO. Listen to our very nuanced conversation about the future of the technology industry (in Dutch) here:

What drives companies and organizations that put public values at the centre of their operations and the digital applications they develop?

Save the date! Join a panel discussion at PublicSpaces at Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam at May 17th where I'll discuss those challenges together with other speakers from @Fairphone and @efoundation & others will share their stories. There is also a live stream.

More info here:

📢 Nextcloud Hub 24 is here!

🙋 User migration
🔒 Smart file locking
🚀 4x lower DB load
💬 Reactions & media tab in Talk
😍 Reply to calls & messages in Desktop client
📩 Undo send & schedule emails
📝 Tables, infoboxes & more in Text & Collectives!

"The future of big data, will be zero data." Information Matters, the leading forum for information science, featured my work and TEDx talk:

Hello 👋 My name is Daphne. I'm support lead at @nextcloud by day and scientist by night. I research privacy, data minimisation, open source, and the future of technology.

I did a TEDx talk about that:


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