A I do not have in my collection but wish I did. Did they ever make Logan's Run merch? Well, he'd probably keep trying to freeze me anyway.

First read this story over 20 years ago, in a Dozois Best SF anthology I think, and since I saw it on Love, Death and Robots this season, I thought I'd revisit it. Found it reprinted and free to read on Clarkesworld. clarkesworldmagazine.com/swanw

I just made a wild, sort of sideways overhand shot to the trashcan across the room and totally sunk it. No one will ever know of my greatness.

And now, because I can, I'm rooting from my android phone.


I need to order DoorDash for dinner tonight and I'm having Netflix-style indecision from too many choices.

Please don't kick me off of Mastodon for this, but I rewatched Jurassic Park II last night and it wasn't that bad. Or at least, not nearly as bad as I remembered.

I'm currently obsessed with . Not sure why. Probably because I was exactly this weird kid when I was young.


I rarely do this but since I'm new and want to encourage others to join me here, I'm posting the first page of my latest .

The Architecture of Neo Tokyo Exhibit. If I could hop a plane to Germany...

Woke up at 2 a.m. last night with what I think were hives. Hope I'm not allergic to sleeping.

As of #2022, I write fiction, mostly and . I wrote a and am querying agents.

I've been into geeky nerdy stuff all my life and was raised on Spielberg and Lucas. and are my writing gods. Over my desk is a one-sheet of , and a map. I also have a collection of robots, including , Spaceknight, Conti from , and , among others.

I'll stop here because--is this actually interesting? Anyway...hi.

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Time for my official Mastodon . I'm a and a terrible speller. And yes, I'm yet another refugee from the bird site.

I lived 99% of my life in but somehow ended up in . The sausage kolaches are almost worth it.

I'm formerly a preschool teacher. I left teaching to be a TV writer and created a show for called Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street. I was also a writer on ().


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