A I do not have in my collection but wish I did. Did they ever make Logan's Run merch? Well, he'd probably keep trying to freeze me anyway.

First read this story over 20 years ago, in a Dozois Best SF anthology I think, and since I saw it on Love, Death and Robots this season, I thought I'd revisit it. Found it reprinted and free to read on Clarkesworld. clarkesworldmagazine.com/swanw

I just made a wild, sort of sideways overhand shot to the trashcan across the room and totally sunk it. No one will ever know of my greatness.

@erikburnham Now I'm imagining an alternate universe where 3PO turns up in bit parts like old-timey character actors of old.

Think you need to do a series.

@lfarnsworth Oh, thanks. Yeah, it feels like a weird flex to post something like this. I've never been comfortable...tooting...my own horn. But, you know, CONTENT. Anyway, good luck on yours and look forward to seeing it when it's ready!

@vinyl This album is forever intertwined with my memories of summer at my grandparents house. Hot days swimming in the backyard, warm nights stargazing. This record was the soundtrack.

And now, because I can, I'm rooting from my android phone.


I need to order DoorDash for dinner tonight and I'm having Netflix-style indecision from too many choices.

Please don't kick me off of Mastodon for this, but I rewatched Jurassic Park II last night and it wasn't that bad. Or at least, not nearly as bad as I remembered.

I'm currently obsessed with . Not sure why. Probably because I was exactly this weird kid when I was young.


I rarely do this but since I'm new and want to encourage others to join me here, I'm posting the first page of my latest .

@erikburnham It's quiet here, isn't it? But also, I'm not feeling enranged every 20 seconds. It's a good thing. I think?

The Architecture of Neo Tokyo Exhibit. If I could hop a plane to Germany...

Woke up at 2 a.m. last night with what I think were hives. Hope I'm not allergic to sleeping.

@AaronCrocco Yes, it feels like starting over with the writing career. Two things keep me going so far: 1) finding satisfaction the process and being able to fully express myself in my art without anyone interfering with me and 2) if I don't find a publisher I can go the independent route, which is much easier to do with a book than, say, a TV show or movie.

But yes, writing generally is...character building!

@AaronCrocco It is brutal. Someone once said working in Hollywood was like being beaten to death with your own dream and that's mostly true.

It was also sublime and there were moments I wouldn't trade for anything. I'm really proud of the show I created (Gortimer) and the work I did on Glitch Techs.

But creatively--there's a lot of people telling you what you can and can't do.

I write novels now.

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