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Supreme court pushing prayer in public schools, like the abortion ban, is about returning to the 1800s-style colonialism. The word 'civilized' itself is a weaponized word to denote, 'that which isn't white, Christian, Euro-centric' to justify genocide, plunder.

Not that I have problems with Germany. I am terrible in airports and terrible in cities I don’t know and it’s a long trip in which I’m working so it’s not even remotely relaxing.

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Leaving for Germany a week from today. Very not excited about this. I am a terrible traveler.

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There’s no way I could have predicted where this ad was headed.

I got a new phone today and am kind of excited about it.

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Reminder: Capitalism is not our friend.

As friends of capitalism; the police, military, & politicians, will never be our friends.

Capitalism indoctrinates us into thinking that 'Everything should be run like a Business', & then we wonder why everything is lethal, abusive, dying, & on fire.

*Business has no interest in stopping toxicity, keeping things not on fire, keeping any living thing alive, or being kind.*

Business is about profit. In ALL things, it's about Property & Profit.

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Tips for criminals 

1. Start leaving your phone at home.
2. Use the library to search for providers.
3. Call said providers from a friend's landline phone.
4. Leave phone home when going to appointments.

Short story, leave your phone off and at home. Always. It tracks you even when it's not on or supposed to be tracking you.

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You know in hindsight, maybe letting nine unelected lawyers in black robes decide what rights we have, based on their interpretation of what a bunch of guys in white wigs (many of who were totally cool with owning other people) wrote down two centuries ago, isn’t such a great system. 🤔

This pointless series of posts has been brought to you by the letter X.

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Oh, weird, it just does that when I use Brave. On other browsers it logs me right in. Wtf

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Why does my account say “419 Page Expired” when I try to login?

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I always read dissents first.

Sonia Sotomayor is calling motherfuckers out:

"The Court reverses course today for one reason and one reason only: because the composition of this Court has changed."

ya burnt.

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Data privacy, abortion 

Security and Privacy Tips for People Seeking An Abortion | Electronic Frontier Foundation


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Demedicalize abortion. This is not the 1970s. Mifepristone + misoprostol pills are safe and effective. The majority of people seeking abortions are capable of using them without the involvement of healthcare professionals. Especially since the pandemic, abortion providers have been providing telehealth abortions by mailing pills, with no need for medical tests in most cases. Please boost.


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I’ll be blunt: next time I hear “both sides are the same”, I’m ending my relationship with the speaker. No they fucking are not the same.

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