new and improved, now with 50% more titanium

Delivered some things today. Sitting on the porch, watching the sun dip, enjoying a drink, thinking how lovely it might be to relax for three straight days.

maybe if I say “arthrodesis” enough times it’ll start to sound cool, like The Books saying “aleatoric”

guess I forgot just how many details go into releasing a big software package update.

the line has grown to ~18, with a light saber fight near the back

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wonderfully reassuring to be ~10th in line for hold pickups at the neighborhood branch library


come to think of it, I'll be much closer to the capitol this time!


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in '09, it was bitter cold, Aretha sang, I had a cast on my hand. we lived on the hill like now but couldn't enter the mall until we got to the Washington monument, it was so packed. we nearly bumped into Smokey Robinson at one point. a great address. very friendly people all around, chatted with numerous europeans.

tomorrow I'll watch it on youtube tv between Teams calls. ah well.

the national guard will come and go, but Detroit-style pizza in my neighborhood will surely last a lifetime

uspol, neighborhood watch 

@dchud ...and now Adams is completely surrounded by high fencing, and the heavier fencing around Jefferson and Madison is topped with barbed wire.

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uspol, neighborhood watch 

fencing update: Jefferson, Supreme Court, and Madison are now all surrounded by no-climb fence. lower barrier in front of Adams. cop cars parked on pretty much all close blocks inside of 6th E. calm and quiet, and the guard folks are friendly if you say hi.

we saw a World Central Kitchen truck looking like it was attempting to deliver them food, and we think Jose out talking with the cops. looked like they were turned away, might've just been redirected. great org.

got mail with a novel name misspelling today... not my last name. "Dabuek", which appears to be "Daniel" if you shift your right hand over. probably my own typo. you'd think I'd've mastered that by now.

uspol, biggish data 

while listening to the House debate I am running queries against a half billion records that take just a few seconds on an old laptop. so much is possible, and we stop ourselves in so many ways.

have a heavy need to talk about all this. doesn’t feel like I can on the other thing, don’t trust it. so bottled up right now.

is BoJack withdrawal a thing? binge finished over the break and feel an emptiness.

not that that’s entirely new, just never found myself missing an animated show before.

the loss of doom is a loss of words and and

I been knowin that’s you

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