I used Chart.js to create a line chart of reactions used over time in a friend group Discord

i kinda prefer watching game trailers to gaming nowadays

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the like numbers in twitter screenshots are the modern laugh tracks

iv'e wasted an hour debugging why my minecraft server container says address already in use turns out i've been trying to bind rcon to the same port >_<

now if only samsung phones weren't stuck on linux 4.something

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looks like linux has the best dualsense support lol

do not make your efi partition 100MiB, worst mistake of my life

so i've redownloaded the entire game from gog, or rather the game's installer, which is 100 gb. the game itself is only ~65gb btw. and guess fucking what, when i try to install it to D: it unpacks some shit to %temp% on my windows partition and fills it up, holy shit

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so i wanted to update my cyberpunk 2077 and downloaded a 50 gb patch from gog, the cd projekt's online game store. and then it tells me i need 532 FUCKING GB to install it

now, GNU Guix System might not be ballin but NixOS sure is. it has been my primary OS for nearly a month now

GNU Guix System appears to be ballin. I'll be trying it out in a VM and eventually use it for my home server if it really is.

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my friend told me to come here bc that's where transfem programmers are is that true

i have a really cool gift idea: an nfc-enabled postcard/trinket. you tell the giftee to touch it with their phone and it opens a website with something creative made for them

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