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The Dec. 2020 "Family" Issue of DHM is out now!

Get it here:

Many thanks to the many contributors for being part of this incredible Issue!

@BaraDetectives @GryphonAshe
@DarylRichterXXX @Drubskin

- "On the Safe Edge: a Manual for SM Play" is a comprehensive, detailed, and approachable overview of all kinds of play, especially focused on physical & emotional safety. Alternatively, I'd look to:

- Jay Wiseman's "SM 101", which sort of follows the same niche: an overview text, detailed, safety-conscious.

- Patrick Califia's "Public Sex" covers 20 years of thinking on radical sexuality and civil rights from the perspective of a leather dyke and trans man. Deeply thought provoking.

- "The New Topping (Bottoming) Book" is exuberant, rooted in a love for Tops (and Bottoms, respectively!) Gender-inclusive, more on the pan side of things, less Leather--but so much good discussion on aftercare, safety, scenes, play, and social events.

- "Leatherfolk": essays and stories on the spiritual and cultural aspects of Leather. It's a dated work--there was an IMO problematic thread of "Dionysian revival" and "modern tribalism" at the time, but there's also sublimity & history to learn.

@HungryPuppy I don't have a formal list, but here are some Leather books you might like!

- Joseph W Bean's "Leathersex" and "Flogging": not just for the technical aspects, but for getting at the heart of scene dynamics. I think it's also helpful in understanding Leather culture as opposed to "general kink".

- "The Heart of Dominance" deals with consent in a modern, compassionate, and nuanced way, and gives a useful frame for talking about the interplay of different flavors of D/s desire.

How hot is Charlie Foxleigh in his pup hood? Want to see more of him? Check out the October 2020 Issue of the Magazine!

Another artist, Laceoni, has graced our Magazine with his incredible artwork.

If you like his work, check out more of it on Tumblr:

Anyone remember Brock Hart? He was the 2nd coverman for the Magazine! You can check out some great images of him in that Issue.

The photographer got a break while the fluffer helped out the model for this shoot. You can check out both of them in Issues of the Magazine!

This sexy leather daddy, Marty, has been in the Magazine! He'd love for you to check out the rest of his images!

A H*U*G*E* THANK YOU to all of the followers! We went from 12 this morning to 32 this evening.

Hopefully we can count on your to spread the word for this great project.

It's a labor of love by us and the contributors!!

Anybody have a suggestion for a good desktop (Windows) app for Mastodon? Which is, in your opinion, the best out there?

One of our great contributors also has a wonderful website of his incredible work.

Check it out here:

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