Another blast from the past is Axel, our cover model from February 2019. If leather, kink, and thin hung guys are your thing, you'll want to check out the rest of his images in that Issue.

Here's a blast form the past. This sexy bear is Kimo, photographed by Ferr77Photography, who appeared in the January 2019 Issue.

If you want to see more of him, you can check that Issue out on the website.

Another handsome blast from the past,
, photographed by @menascophotography, appeared in the December 2018 Issue.

Check out more of his images at:

A blast from the past!

Check out our back Issues for hot bears like Adam, photographed by

You can view online, or download the PDF, here:

We love showing off our fans who want the exposure. Daniel really wanted you to admire him in leather!

Want to be included in the next Issue? Check out the submission page on or send a DM here!

We have some of the best Fans around! Boy John submitted his images for a previous Issue.

You can too! Check out the submission page at

Excited to have
in our January 2021 Issue. He was photographed by the incredibly talented Dan Vogel!

If you haven't checked it out yet, and want to see more of him, you can view it online at

Who doesn't love a hairy masculine bear? If you haven't checked it out yet, Midwestern Bear was featured in the January 2021 Issue. He was photographed by the incredible DE Form Photography.

Get it here:

Want to show off to our readers? Did you know that we accept self images of you? Just like
did for our November 2020 Issue.

Check out the website,, to find out how to submit images!

From out January 2021 Issue, Jonni Boy bears it all on a Boi's Vacation in Paradise. Come check out the Issue for more hot images of him and others!


There is so much hate mongering over on Twitter. I retweeted this picture on there and have received so much hate it makes me shake my head.

I get it, you don't get agree with it, but is it necessary to belittle others just to make yourself feel better? What kind of person does that?

One of our regular contributors, Miguel NOCHAIR Photography, never fails to offer a unique perspective in each Issue of the Magazine. He photographs men in definitely unique situations that seem to resonate with quite a few of the readers.

You can check his work out in most Issue.

In case you missed it, we had some incredible artwork by Axeishguy in our January 2021 Issue!!

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