NSFW Nude 

Our cover model, Scott Magnussen, for the December 2019 Issue wants you to check him out!!


NSFW Nude 

GianOrso graced us with some images from his Garden Series in the August 2020 Issue of the Magazine.

Want to see more? You can view it online, or download the PDF, here: desertheatmag.com

NSFW Lewd 

We are very pleased to have Ken Gehring's feature of Josh Peden in the latest Issue of the Magazine.

You can find many more revealing photos of Josh in the latest Issue.

NSFW Nude 

Our May 2019 cover model, Wesley Watts, has a smile that could light up a room.

Check out more images of him in that Issue.

Here's a blast form the past. This sexy bear is Kimo, photographed by Ferr77Photography, who appeared in the January 2019 Issue.

If you want to see more of him, you can check that Issue out on the website.

We are very blessed that Dan Vogel shared his images of Corbin for our latest Issue.

If you like the models, there are usually links to their email or social media profiles so you can contact them directly!! They love to hear form their fans!

We are very happy to share some incredible hot images of our cover model, Jonni Boi, in the latest Issue of the Magazine!

Come check out the images of Midwestern Bear, generously submitted by DE Form Photography, in the latest Issue of the Magazine.

You can get it here: desertheatmag.com/issues.html for free (either view it online or download the PDF).

Another interesting photographer, Miguel NOCHAIR Photography, is a regular contributor to the Magazine.

His unique vision and style ads a flair to his work.

We pride ourselves in working with photographers from all over the world, like Otero Fotografia in Spain who shared images of Borja with us for the October 2019 Issue.

Steve Ellis has been featured a few times now in a couple of Issues of the Magazine.

If daddy bears are you thing, you'll want to check him out.

Who doesn't like a hot cub willing to get his hands dirty?

Check out more in our inaugural Issue.

Anyone remember Brock Hart? He was the 2nd coverman for the Magazine! You can check out some great images of him in that Issue.

The photographer got a break while the fluffer helped out the model for this shoot. You can check out both of them in Issues of the Magazine!

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