Hey, there! Uhm, first of all, i'm sorry for making it public. Second of all, the amount of emptiness on my timeline is frustrating. So, here i am, trying my luck to make new friends. Would you like to leave a trace? :ablobcatheart:

Sorry for make it public. The girl in the picture below is currently seeking for some new friends to talk to. For the unfamiliar, the name is Irene. If you don't mind with her presence, simply boost this post. ๐Ÿ€

Sorry for use public tl but I'm searching for mutuals.... Just boost/rep/follow me

@castle hoi.. Aku mau PDKT boleh? Tapi aku baru lahir.. Ngga punya sesuatu yang menarik, cuman punya tampang dan nyali aja.. :"

Hola, pals. It's been a day since the last time i opened this platform.

Iya, makanya. Ini notif DM sama mention masuk di tempat yang sama :" lumayan pusing ya pake mastodon.. Belum biasa :"

:// Pengen cobain fitur DM.. Ada yang mau coba DM-an sama aku ngga? Ini seriusan penasaran bukan modus :"

:// Kesel banget semuanya aja kena sapu, semua project OCRP yang gue tempatin juga beberapa kena sapu.

Eh, mau nanya, dong. Buwong biru kenapa akhir-akhir ini sering pembersihan?


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