While I understand that you're excited about new features and bug fixes you should hold your horses and wait until upstream deems their software ready (by issuing a release).

Read the open letter here: do-not-ship.it/

@devrtz so true. (as a newbie) I wonder if there are nightly builds people (not maintainers) can opt into to get these 'new features' and WIPs?
Or would that be too much of a hassle for developers of core components?


In (and ) packages are uploaded to the unstable (or landing) suite and usually migrate after a few days to testing (or byzantium) suites unless migration is blocked due to some breaking bug.

You could enable those suites in your /etc/apt/sources if you want to get updates a few days before the "general public". But you also might end up getting some bugs earlier as well, so it's double-edged sword.

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