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On the other hand, I'm not a violent person, but perhaps we should violently remove people from power if they abuse it. Or, even if they don't, down the road, aiming for that place where no man is any more a master than any other.

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"Kill your masters" doesn't mean literally murder them, necessarily. On the level of leader worship, maybe just stop putting people on pedestals. Humans are fucking idiots. Trust me, I am one.

Fuck. Yes. I hope they win.

[a group of Black Tulsa residents, including a 105 year old survivor of the Black Wall Street massacre, are suing for reparations.]

Coronavirus, CDC report 

The CDC announcing that 94% of COVID-19 deaths had contributing conditions doesn't mean "Oboy! Only 6% of the deaths were because of the disease!"

It means "Oh shit! The US health care system is so bad that way more people than we thought are in the high risk group!"

#COVID19 #coronavirus

Of course, capitalism isn't going to let us take away power from capital that easily. But we can try it at the local level and scale up. Screw politics, politicians, and the whole game being played. In the new world, there should be no life-long politicians, just those called to do their duty for their society.

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Educate the lottery winners about legislating for a period of time before their term starts. Have them observe for a while. And then let them make decisions. We would immediately get class, race, gender, and other representation proportional to populations.

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No more electoral politics. No more wasting time on campaign finance. No more campaigns. You'd still need to track corruption and lobbying, but entrenched interests to the level we have now would be reset. No term limit reform needed. Spend all the campaign money on education or whatever you want.

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Sortition is the ancient Greek method of democracy, where legislators are chosen by lottery. That's right. Randomly from the population. You think, OH GARSH, that's awful stupid! But then stop and wonder: could it possibly be worse than what we have now? In what ways might it actually be better?

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For those looking to replace "politics as usual", there are different voting schemes like ranked choice and preference voting. But have you heard of the real crazy shit that just does away with voting? Let me tell you about sortition.

Demand accountability for your systems, but even before that, demand transparency. Most of the way the American carceral state managed to camouflage its racism in the past ~50 years is with opaque bureaucracy. Demand numbers, demand open data. In many cases, like here in WI, they HAVE the data. They don't want us to demand it. They make it easy to see the small picture (single cases) but impossible to see the big trends (who is getting cash vs signature bail?)

Is there a name for the cruel architecture that modifies benches and ledges in public areas to disallow sleeping on them?

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Call the police while hungry and no place to sleep? Likely ignored, at BEST placated with the address of a shelter. Call the police because someone is hungry, digging through trash, or sleeping on your property because they have nowhere to go? Probably that person gets hassled. Worse, they often get asked to vacate even if they're on PUBLIC LAND. Instead of helping them. That's where we live right now.

Profit does not belong in healthcare, mail delivery, education, AND SO ON. Perverse motives of capitalism have eaten America from the inside. At least we get to be a shining example of what not to do, I guess? USA! USA!

The legislature in my stupid state is thinking about fighting the governor's mask mandate, even though people like nurses are begging them not to:

Hey I think I know how to solve this complicated "schools in the US reopening during a pandemic" issue! Let's just have everyone yell at each other really loud with no coherent plan until everyone dies.

Billionaires are unethical. Zuckerberg somehow managing to be far worse than the average doesn't mean Gates is "good", but let's listen in to what he's thinking:

Turns out there was a US national testing plan in progress.

Katherine Eban with some attempted detailed reporting on what happened, with of course no comment from the white house:

I won runner-up for a 100-word microfiction contest that actually paid money, with half to a nonprofit. Sweet! Now I can send both halves to a nonprofit for the simple task of writing 100 words. (note: writing 100 words is somehow harder than writing 1000 words 🐢)

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