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Made more than $1 USD per word for charity for this story. My writing career has peaked!

"what's under the uncut chia seed / and what what what from the guillotine... and I know both sides of that bloodlust / they're both mud / that's what's up" - Aesop Rock, The Gates

Yo, claps for the clout of the checkmarks
of meme-armed teens, in days long scrolled,
we have been seen, and what honor the influencers won!

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An unwatched feed slowly turning into a modern reimagining of Beowulf

Let's make some new and different shit sacred.

9/11, US imperialism 

9/11 is coming up, which means i'm legally obligated to point out 9/11 here in chile is a different tragedy & also important

the 11th of september is when the chilean right wing (funded by the US gov.) bombed our gov. building, killed our democratically elected socialist president, gutted the welfare state & enacted martial law

followed by 17 years of a violent fascist dictatorship in which at least 3k people died, 40k were victimized and half of the country was traumatized

Unless you are a complete superfan, there is a Coltrane live recording you have not heard. Find one and put it on!

Panel discussion: Why do human bodies suck so much

War is a symptom of a social disease that too many people try to just ignore. How do we reverse that trend and take that power away from the state?

It's clear that even a succession of the most baldly two-faced warmongers (of both parties) is not enough in the US to raise class consciousness.

If budgets are moral documents, the US military budget is the most hateful book ever written.

Every short phrase, co-opted for advertising.

Historical fiction where Trump gets sent back to the 1760s in 2002 as part of a promotion for a reality show and then they "accidentally" can't bring him back

We were founded on a very basic double standard: This country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free.
-- George Carlin

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We no longer like to think about bureaucracy, yet it informs every aspect of out existence. It's as if as a planetary civilization, we have decided to clap out hands over our ears and start humming whenever the topic comes up.
-- David Graeber

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Little bit jealous of people named "Joy" because even if the nominative determinism effect is small, still great

"The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently." - David Graeber

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