John Lennon reposed 40 years ago today. May his memory be eternal.

Took wifely to vote, it's her very first time. I can get really cynical about the political process but this election is really important.

Trying not to be cynical, but Biden's relatively high polling numbers in battleground states aren't doing shit for me. Still can't shake the feeling we're starting down the barrel of four more years with the Orange Führer.

My son found my old iPod. Screen's broken but otherwise it still works

Got up, started driving at 5:30am for [rideshare company name redacted] till 9:30, now it's time to log on to work at the 'day job.' It's Monday and I'm ready for Friday.

Department (APD) and Albuquerque’s Department of Family and Community Services (FCS) engage in a pattern and practice of , , and people living on city streets, parks, or private property, according to sources on the street, a review of 32 criminal complaints filed with the courts in early 2020, and survey data collected by a group of unaffiliated advocates for the homeless.

Oh man, knocked on my door tonight! I think they got a little weired out that I was *so* enthusiastic about what they had to say. I'm so thankful that these guys are out there, and I'm inspired to get on the streets to join them.

It's certainly helpful that the typical would consider someone who belongs to the community I do as

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is important to me and informs my politics. of Nazareth is why I'm a / . But its hard to be a person of faith when so many have sold their spiritual birthright for the mess of pottage that is /American Republicanism

Back in the this weekend chanting for evening prayers yesterday and this morning. One thing that the quarantine has been helpful with is sorting the role of in my life and what authority to *not* give over to innapropriate authority figures.

This song always messed me up anyway because of my own relationship with my dad and now transitioning to the Old Man role with my own teenaged son. But this version with Yusuf essentially in a duet with his 50 years younger self is really beautiful and hits ina different way.

Yusuf/Cat Stevens Father and Son

Taking the day off of work, for no other reason than to stave off burnout. Beer and tacos for breakfast.

We're having a crazy-ass winter storm. In September.

Court Approves Warrantless Surveillance Rules While Scolding F.B.I.

The release of a newly declassified ruling follows a separate decision by an appeals court that a defunct National Security Agency program was illegal.

Brexit: Brandon Lewis admits UK plans to break international law over Northern Ireland

It followed the resignation of the head of the government's legal department.

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