This is Oswin. I’ve as her for six years now, and she really loves that corner of her house.

Hello. I’m putting a bird photo on your timeline. It’s a curious pygmy parrot.

Well, hello there! Pygmy parrot wants to know how your day is going.

Hello. I’ve got a colourful feathery friend for your timeline. 🦜

@HexxedWriter it’s been a long while since I’ve read it, but I personally enjoyed it. Had me wishing J. H. Williams would Illustrate more Sandman comics since his artwork best captures Neil Gaiman’s scripts.

Today, I give you pygmy parrots. They are the tiniest parrots in exist (yes, even smaller than budgies), and they’re very colourful! 🦜

@PoisonIvyLeague right now, I’m feeling like the 13th Doctor’s two hearts: one happy, one sad. I’m happy that Ncuti Gatwa has this amazing opportunity, and at the same time, I’m sad Jodie’s time was cut short.

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