Starting on a port of Toybox for dev packages so I can experiment with new features including C extensions and luacheck support.

In unrelated news, I broke down and started a YouTube channel for my daughter’s Roblox shenanigans. You may even hear me make some appearances from time to time… 😁 go give the channel some love

Got a nice little workflow for editing level tiles with aseprite and then levels with Tiled for Poke Crossing. Tweaked some code from the SDK examples to read the exported level straight into the game. Will share that code soon as part of my pdutility library.

A lot of games seem to use the crank to act ad an analog stick that would have been flipped on its side. I wonder if we’ll see future game mechanics use it differently…

I think that even just one game a week for a season would be fine…

I had completely forgotten that even tough the screen is 1bit, source artwork can use 3 values: black, white and transparent… 🌈

Got some good Poke Crossing updates coming soon. Just been too lazy to post lately. 😴

Is there any way to launch aseprite on macOS without the Steam app launching every time?

Update! I wrote the player class and she hooked it up to the button testing code.

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Poke Crossing… the game my daughter wants me to make using her own artwork has officially moved from to .

Late to the party on Xeno Crisis from Bitmap Bureau but wow… what an awesome little game. 🤗

Alright. Sound issue with the stream is fixed. Loopback from Rogue Amoeba to the rescue!

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Two steps forward, one step back. Streaming script now works and posts the track list fine, looks great, stream didn’t capture audio today 🤦🏻‍♂️

Mastodon support is in! Cross posting works. Now we need to test all this with a real stream.

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