Update! I wrote the player class and she hooked it up to the button testing code.

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Poke Crossing… the game my daughter wants me to make using her own artwork has officially moved from to .

Looking somewhat legit! Tons of optimizations left to do but that’s the fun part where you start learning about the hardware.

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…and we are sining like a vilain. Next step, make the slice size adjustable.

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Got string rendering working. This is not using a font in the API but rather an image table so that I can slice it anyway I need later.

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Testing my little Makefile tweak to easily add multiple extensions to a project. Playbox2D from Dustin Mierau and my modplayer. Two lines in your project and boom!

Pre-production PSP and a test UMD from Daxter, the last game I worked on… until now! 😁

It is SUPER rough around the edges and I have no idea what real world performance would look like right now but it lives!


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