Starting on a port of Toybox for dev packages so I can experiment with new features including C extensions and luacheck support.

I had completely forgotten that even tough the screen is 1bit, source artwork can use 3 values: black, white and transparent… 🌈

Poke Crossing… the game my daughter wants me to make using her own artwork has officially moved from to .

Testing my little Makefile tweak to easily add multiple extensions to a project. Playbox2D from Dustin Mierau and my modplayer. Two lines in your project and boom!

It is SUPER rough around the edges and I have no idea what real world performance would look like right now but it lives!

Another awesome little tool, online this time, to dither your artwork when developing for

Nowadays I’m a ride leader for the Rapha RCC in Paris and I organize a bike ride called Sunday Social 🚴🏻‍♂️.

I DJ for fun on a named Damien Plays Records (@dpr) and I hack around on the little console.

Nice to meet you all 👋


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