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Looking somewhat legit! Tons of optimizations left to do but that’s the fun part where you start learning about the hardware.

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…and we are sining like a vilain. Next step, make the slice size adjustable.

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Got string rendering working. This is not using a font in the API but rather an image table so that I can slice it anyway I need later.

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Testing my little Makefile tweak to easily add multiple extensions to a project. Playbox2D from Dustin Mierau and my modplayer. Two lines in your project and boom!

Pre-production PSP and a test UMD from Daxter, the last game I worked on… until now! 😁

First release of modplayer is out in the wild… long ways to go to make it useful but you gotta start somewhere.

It is SUPER rough around the edges and I have no idea what real world performance would look like right now but it lives!

Another awesome little tool, online this time, to dither your artwork when developing for

The one bonus I often add is a test in the build script for any local changes to the code base. If so, I add a postfix to the build number like -dev or -dirty to indicate that that build does not comform exactly to the commit. That system has the advantage to work across repo branches too, you don’t have to worry about build number collisions when merging.

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That last one is not easy without some kind of a build server that allocates the numbers itself instead of relying on local builds. Without going that far, I’ve always been a fan of separating version numbers from the build number and often ended up using the commit hash as a build number. It’s unfortunately not sequential but it helps connect any issue/bug to an exact commit in the repo.

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There are roughly two schools of though on build numbers. One is that they must be unique to each release, i.e mirror pretty much a version number, the other one that they must be unique to every commit. I guess you could also make them literally unique to every actual build, i.e each time you compile, which adds even more complexity to insure this stays true across all devs on a given project.

Nowadays I’m a ride leader for the Rapha RCC in Paris and I organize a bike ride called Sunday Social 🚴🏻‍♂️.

I DJ for fun on a named Damien Plays Records (@dpr) and I hack around on the little console.

Nice to meet you all 👋


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New instance, it’s time for an . Sorry for those of you who were following me on indieweb and get to see this twice 😬.

I’m Franco-American, living in Paris. I’m primarily a coder. Started as part of the Amiga demoscene in the 80s. Moved to California and worked in the games business for many years, maybe even on some games you’ve heard about. I then wrote a little app to help DJs organize their music and finally moved back to France.



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