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All unit tests are passing on Windows and Linux. This means there is a much higher chance of the app actually working on those platforms! 😅

Today is going to be spent on getting the unit tests to pass on Windows. I don’t have a Windows machine so I guess the GitHub runners will have to do…

Should be feature complete for 1.0.0 now… can’t wait!

Meet modplayer... An experimental soundtracker module player for the Playdate. Not very fast at the moment but full of potential! Try it today in your project...
#toyboxpy #playdate #playdatedev #playdateconsole

that Touch ID on Safari/macOS can be set to authenticate just about any website that can do 2FA with a hardware key.

Meet pdbase... A great little toybox that contains enhancements to Lua's table and math module. Also some low level C helpers and a C-like enum for Lua. Try it today in your project...
#toyboxpy #playdate #playdatedev #playdateconsole

You know it’s real development when you create the develop branch and start setting up git-flow 😉.

Started dogfooding tonight. Already found a bunch of silly issues.

Documentation for @toyboxpy is almost done and I’m pretty happy about the way it turned out. Next step is to put it up on PyPI for easy installation.

Starting on a port of Toybox for dev packages so I can experiment with new features including C extensions and luacheck support.

I had completely forgotten that even tough the screen is 1bit, source artwork can use 3 values: black, white and transparent… 🌈

Update! I wrote the player class and she hooked it up to the button testing code.

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Poke Crossing… the game my daughter wants me to make using her own artwork has officially moved from to .

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