"Be useless, so nobody can use you."

The intensifies

@djm ah, yes, i wrote a poem about being useless and having no worth under capitalism 'cause of disabilities once... anyways, useless lesbian right here <_<

@Milouchkna “I have a huge tree which people call the Stink Tree. The trunk is swollen and gnarled, impossible to align with any level or ruler. The branches are twisted and bent, impossible to align to any T-square or carpenter’s arc. Even if it were growing right in the road, a carpenter would not give it so much as a second glance. And your words are similarly big but useless, which is why they are rejected by everyone who hears them.” - Huizi

@Milouchkna “You have this big tree, and you worry that it’s useless. Why not plant it in our homeland of not-even-anything, the vast wilds of open nowhere? Then you could loaf and wander there, doing lots of nothing there at its side, and take yourself a nap, far-flung and unfettered, there beneath it. It will never be cut down by ax or saw. Nothing will harm it. Since it has nothing for which it can be used, what could entrap or afflict it?” - Zhuangzi

@djm there is a narrow window of being important for the people around you and your community, while still providing nothing of value to capitalism.

I think we should aim for that!

@clockwork I think I agree. I think we all have inherent value and that most if not all our real value is useless to capitalism.

@djm 巧者劳,智者忧,无能者无所求。终日蔬食而遨游,若不系之舟。

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