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The Universe is self-referential, which is what prevents it from being garbage collected. Reality uses reference counting.

Once you make even the slightest concession to the notion that trust might matter, the entire cryptocurrency exercise just… dissolves into meaninglessness. If you admit that the double spend solution only needs to be good enough, you can run the whole bitcoin exercise on five year old Android phones, thousands of times faster and for a vanishing fraction of the energy cost.

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In a way that, you might notice, mirrors a well-functioning human society: the direct consequence of an absence of trust is a tectonic amount of wasted and redundant effort. That’s what zero-trust systems are. Waste.

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My brain just autocompleted a joke that ended in "you insensitive clod!"

I haven't been on Slashdot in well over a decade, and that joke format hasn't been current for at least 15 years.

I'm old.

Give me mDNS discovery, a dual REST+WS API for playback controls and playlist manipulation, and each playlist item is a manifest for a WASM blob plus a blob of JSON data as the argument. WASM can make TCP+UDP connections and deliver samples/frames to the AV output.

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Chromecast is kinda nice but disappointingly proprietary.

Weird JS APIs to tell a fake JS page in a fake JS browser mediated by a closed-source blob... kinda shitty.

Watch YouTube links in our shitty wrapper around Chrome instead of the native YouTube app?

🚫 No
🚫 Hell no

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Use the Android app's built-in browser instead of the default browser?

🚫 No
✅ Hell no

Yahoo headline: "Couple with 12 children uses the same four letters to name all of their kids"

Me, permanently damaged: "Is this Homestuck?"

Oh no.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Oh yes?

I just had an idea.

LEGO Discworld video games.

Basically give me an Apple-like permissions experience for an entire web app. The web app can register itself as the implementation for a URL and all sub-paths, and all such URLs encountered in the browser are transparently passed to the web app, either as an asset or an SPA.

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Scripting/WASM are disabled by default, enabled per-bundle as a permission. Internet access is forbidden by default, enabled per-bundle as a permission and you have to list the glob patterns of URLs your bundle can access. Remote static assets are forbidden, period.

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This morning in Things That I Want: a standard, sort of like ePub and PWA in a blender, where you bundle a complete web experience into a downloadable ZIP file containing a JSON manifest w/ reasonable schema, HTML pages, and all assets.

Some think it's weird that light has momentum and thus pushes on things when it bounces off them, but I think it's weirder that we ever believed that something that carries energy and can bounce off things might *not* have momentum. The surprise is that light has 0 rest mass.

Fox​ viewers are less likely to believe lies after being paid to watch CNN for 30 days: study rawstory.com/fox-viewers-chang

FWIW, I support The Slap, but given that his action was the Scientology-approved way of handling disrespect (stopped clock, etc) and he's falling from Hollywood grace b/c of it, I can't help but wonder if his relationship to the cult will change now.

"The Null backend to slapd(8) is surely the most useful part of slapd"

I unironically love dry sarcasm in technical documentation.

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