"Augh! I am *tired* of playing the Silicon Valley expansion. You guys know I've wanted to try the 80's Wall Street supplement and see if my Level 3 Stockbroker / Level 1 Coke Dealer subclass is a viable build."

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A line from my future fanfiction about a group of creatures playing "Cubicles & Spreadsheets":

The Sci-Fi Channel miniseries struck the right note on how to handle it without making it more homophobic than the writing itself, IMHO.

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As tinged with homophobia as book-canon Dune is, it feels even more offensive to render the Dune story into something sexless and celibate, but only for queer sex.

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I otherwise enjoyed this film quite a lot, but ouch, those Baron scenes. The look was mostly fine-ish, fascinating choice to erase his book-canon libido?, but it was the Baron's spoken voice that was most disappointing.

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I'm also thinking that this adaptation's Baron Harkonnen is the weakest so far.

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TL: Dune!!1! DUNE dune duNE dUnE Dune Dune dunE! dune.

Me: Okay, yeah: Dune

Oscar Isaac's unadorned side torso can GET IT.

Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

A US constitutional amendment that I want but will never happen:

1. All rights granted by the US Constitution as amended shall extend equally to all natural persons.
2. Neither the Government nor the States shall make any law which distinguishes citizens from non-citizens.

Oh god. I feel dumb. I just now realized why the US far right consumed and digested the gun rights movement in the 1970's. Why they *specifically* picked gun rights for assimilation, when gun rights had previously been a nonpartisan issue.

It's me. I am boo boo the fool.

Proposal: let DN (Dunbar's Number) be the maximum number of people that a typical person can cognitively be on a first name basis with. Now define the dimensionless unit Dunbar as the ratio of (size of largest clique all on a mutual first name basis) over (size of population).

Huh. I think I just identified a PTSD memory blackout. A lot of my later traumas forced me to remember everything, just for sheer self-defense from psychological abuse. But I think I just discovered a locked trauma memory at an earlier time.

Noooo I'm mentally workshopping dialogue for "Alas, a Basilisk", an Author / Eliezier Yudkowsky Real Person Fic Slow Burn Enemies To Lovers Philosophical Dialogue in 24 parts, to be released weekly.

Send help.

Randomly remembering how good the Rose/Kanaya first meeting arc was. From Rose's GameFAQ to their pesterlogs weaving and bobbing through Rose's defense mechanisms to them actually enjoying each other's wit.

Unpopular opinion: Homestuck still good, actually?

Oh no. My brain is now writing Eliezier Yudkowsky x Male Reader Real Person Slash.

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Unedited contents available upon request if I find you or your reputation reasonably trustworthy.

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Mass Effect Paragon Renegade AGI Yudkowski rant in progress.txt

Additional note to self: A* is quite similar to Newton's Method when you really get down to it, isn't it?


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random thought, the "punk" in things like cyberpunk is about having your own agency in spite of world that tries to stop it


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