Remembered out of nowhere that there is an entire TLD called .frogans, which is reserved for “Frogans sites”

What are Frogans sites? From what I can tell, Frogans is a doomed / cursed project that has been labouring for a decade to pointlessly redesign every web technology, up to and including URLs, so that when you view a Frogans site in the official (still-unreleased) Frogans Player, it will look exactly the same on every device, down to the pixel.

As far as I can tell, they have supplied no reason for this to exist; no rallying cry like “the web is too complicated” or “end online surveillance”

They just wanted pixel perfect layouts in XML and decided the best way to do that was to become a domain registrar

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Things medical professionals have told me: I am too smart to have ADHD.

For the two people out there who need an implementation of canonical Huffman codes but are too lazy to write their own, I present this Go library.

It's appropriate that here, now, at the end of all things, the language of choice is Javascript.

Why am I writing my own zlib implementation in Go? Really. Why do I do these things to myself?

D-Bus is the CORBA of IPC.

Actually, CORBA probably had better generators 🤔

I had a Homestuck dream. Haven't had one of those in quite a while.

Dirk and I were "Heart buddies".

The terrible cover of the Cardigans' Lovefool at the end of the terrible Romeo + Juliet play in Hot Fuzz lives rent-free in my head.


I refuse to run Docker containers inside of Linux Containers so my options are…
- Install manually and make upgrading a pain in the ass
- Don't use the app

As much as I would *love* to use it, the reliance on Docker for managing 100% of the stack is a *hard* no. Figuring out how the image has changed between releases would make manual maintenance absolute hell and I am unwilling to shoulder that burden.

Not everyone is *able* to use Docker and not everyone is *willing* to use Docker. By not supporting any other deployment method, you are preventing some individuals from using what could be *the* application they've spent years looking for.

Let the admin decide how to architect their own systems. They know their backend better than you do.

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"Currently Go supports calling up to 18 arguments when calling function from a Windows DLL. But there are some SDKs that have functions with 22 and more parameters."


My mind keeps linking these two facts together:

• Only 28% of patients are able to complete the list of their symptoms without being interrupted by their physician. (Cf. Marvel, M K et al. “Soliciting the patient's agenda: have we improved?.” JAMA vol. 281,3 (1999))

• Victor Lustig, the fraudster who “sold” the Eiffel Tower, listed “being a patient listener” as the first commandment of con men.

Let's not be surprised if people who are in distress shun the doctors and turn to quacks.

M1RACLES (CVE-2021-30747) is a covert channel vulnerability in the Apple Silicon “M1” chip:


I always figured that the Michael Jackson "I love this song" meme was MJ reacting semi-jokingly to one of his own songs. Disappointed today to learn that this is not the case.

Did you ever wish you could #grep #EPUB​s like normal text files? Have you tried zipgrep and were disappointed by all the HTML tags in the output? Try →epubgrep← today! Get file path, chapter and page number for each match! :blobaww: Decide how much words of context you want around your matches! That’s right, we’re working with words, not lines! :blobhearteyes: We at #epubgrep headquarters do our best to provide you with clean, pleasant output (with TWO different colors! :ablobrainbowdance: ) for all your #ebook-grepping needs! Compile your copy today!

Screenshot of epubgrep, showing…

I just set my default notification sound to the Grindr sound for laughs.

I don't even have Grindr on my phone.

Posted this on Reddit to torment a former Homestuck on the Mass Effect subreddit, but I thought it was too funny to not share.

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