All day, I've been seeing "Rush" this and "Rush" that, without attaching the last name. It speaks to the man's 2021 relevance that I just now realized that people weren't coincidentally talking about Rush the prog rock band.

Hah! Love that Rush's death is trending with . Couldn't have happened to a nicer man... literally.

Pro tip to website publishers: "Please disable your ad blocker" is actually a clear invitation for the user to disable Javascript on your site. JS is a nuisance more than a benefit on most "content" sites anyway.

I had a dream that was hosting a podcast episode about John Carpenter's The Thing, and I was part of a cast of actors doing an intentionally unrehearsed performance of a few key scenes from the (non-existent) stageplay version of "Who Goes There?"

Dreams are weird.

FWIW, I've been studying the thread of anglosphere political history for some essays that are coming soon, and I honestly, truly believe that the inherent self-contradictions held in the concept of "rights" leads to nothing less than fascism. Will provide deets soon. 4/3

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... but that nonsense grants an absolute power to the Supreme Court and federal judicial system to reinterpret the "right" in any way they see fit. Whether you support or oppose gun ownership, this is a terrible position for the US as a nation to be in. 3/3

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Example: if one ignores the "well-regulated Militia" clause, the plain text of the 2nd Amendment guarantees a right for felony prisoners to carry guns while imprisoned. This interpretation is clearly nonsense... 2/3

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Hot take: The US constitution is hot garbage and we should rewrite it to remove the blatant logical contradictions.

In particular, the concept of "rights" is self-contradictory, particularly the concepts of "natural rights" and "inalienable rights". 1/3

Free story idea: I just woke up from a dream where lovecraftian evil medical professionals were draining, filtering, and replacing someone's blood with the intent of making it compatible for the mind-controlling larvae of their Patron.

Trump should be damn glad that the insurrectionists failed in their plan to kill Senators.

Trump would've been the first US President to ever face the federal death penalty.

Centrists: Everybody Should Be Worried About Parler Being Booted From the Internet

Me: Free enterprise capitalism, baby! 🙃🙃🙃

PSA: the word "cracker", in reference to white people, is not something you want to self-describe as. "Cracker" is short for "whip-cracker", as in slave owner.

@szczezuja @Gargron The worst part is that Google turned off s2s in GTalk SILENTLY and without warning.
Back then I _convinced_ many people to start using GTalk because it was XMPP, and suddenly they all started asking through side channels why I'd been offline in GTalk for weeks.
"Don't be evil", my ass.

@Gargron There was a time when the XMPP federation seemed to come true. Almost Google and Facebook allowed communication with every server. Today, unfortunately XMPP is dead. The big ones have implemented a thousand local standards. Sad.

I hereby commit to never giving the ACLU another cent.

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