Hot take: The US constitution is hot garbage and we should rewrite it to remove the blatant logical contradictions.

In particular, the concept of "rights" is self-contradictory, particularly the concepts of "natural rights" and "inalienable rights". 1/3

Example: if one ignores the "well-regulated Militia" clause, the plain text of the 2nd Amendment guarantees a right for felony prisoners to carry guns while imprisoned. This interpretation is clearly nonsense... 2/3

... but that nonsense grants an absolute power to the Supreme Court and federal judicial system to reinterpret the "right" in any way they see fit. Whether you support or oppose gun ownership, this is a terrible position for the US as a nation to be in. 3/3


FWIW, I've been studying the thread of anglosphere political history for some essays that are coming soon, and I honestly, truly believe that the inherent self-contradictions held in the concept of "rights" leads to nothing less than fascism. Will provide deets soon. 4/3

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