Hey folks! I've been working on a pretty sweet frontend proxy named Roxy, written in . It uses to automatically TLS encrypt all traffic between end users and Roxy, and it has support for basic static file serving as well.


It's still under heavy development, but I'm already using it for my own personal websites. Basically, it competes with HAProxy plus CertBot, with JSON config, JSON logging, and a long term goal that you'll be able to operate it in a cluster by just adding .

Oh, and this may be a plus or a minus depending on your political leanings, but it's licensed under @CoralineAda@twitter.com's Hippocratic License, firstdonoharm.dev/version/2/1/

Hey @andrewhussie@twitter.com, I borrowed Roxy Lalonde to be the mascot of my open source software project, let me know if that's not okay and I'll turn it into a Police "Roxanne" reference instead!


I've been hard at work on Roxy, and it now has support for speaking to backends over gRPC.

I've also created a small website with GitHub Pages, and I'm actively working on Docker and Debian packages.


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