Random character analysis of Roy Batty from Blade Runner that I just posted under someone's YouTube video:


1/6 Roy (and his fellow escaped replicants) are tragic figures because they keep lashing out, even when it's counterproductive, because...

2/6 They don't know how to process and control their own emotions, emotions that their creators never equipped them to understand. Roy isn't killing people because he wants to kill people; he's killing people because he feels scared and abandoned, a child in an adult's body.

3/6 The speech at the end shows that, after losing everyone he cares about and knowing that he himself won't live out the night, Roy has finally realized that killing Deckard would just be snuffing out yet another life...


4/6 ... the very tragedy that he's been fighting against for himself and his friends. In his last moments, he learned to value life — all life. He learned to see beyond the animal fear of "I'm going to die" and comprehend the greater tragedy of death: ...

5/6 Our experiences makes us each unique, and death impoverishes everyone who remains by making us collectively forget those beautiful moments lost in time.

6/6 That's what the dove / pigeon symbolizes: Roy finally understands the value of peace and non-violence. A bit late for the people he killed, but not too late to save Deckard.

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