Two days ago, the File Transfer Protocol turned 50 years! Today, it's mostly used to download Firefox without opening Internet Explorer and as an asynchronous RPC protocol for credit card processing jobs.

Hmm. Has anyone considered that the 2nd Amendment, as popularly interpreted, guarantees a right to *own* guns but not a right to *sell* them?

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I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that if an AI had made a different choice, a child would still be alive tonight.

“The initial gun shots were detected by ShotSpotter audio, gunfire detection technology that is used by the city.”


An AI heard a sound and decided to dispatch police who then killed a 13 year old child.

Any attempt to solve society from the top down is doomed, because it's just trading one set of out-of-touch bosses for another. Worker-owned co-ops and similar models of business governance are needed for workers to have power, under capitalism *or* communism.

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Unpopular opinion: any reasonable, people-first formulation of communism is still going to have groupings of people and equipment that we today would recognize as "businesses".

I can't shake the feeling that there's significant overlap between the folks denouncing everything and everything as "pedophilia" and the folks pushing for adults to have the right to look at the genitals of underage girls accused of being trans in public.

Oh, forgot to mention this publicly, but I quit Google again. Was working at Fitbit, they got acquired, I had a PTSD breakdown about working there again, you know how it goes.

My last day was Friday, and I already feel much better now that I'm out of there.

I find it baffling that, 25 years ago when Windows 95 came out, 3D-styled UI elements felt fresh and exciting, but now everyone and their dog works as hard as they can to make UIs look like a flat sheet of paper.

Hey, I borrowed Roxy Lalonde to be the mascot of my open source software project, let me know if that's not okay and I'll turn it into a Police "Roxanne" reference instead!

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Oh, and this may be a plus or a minus depending on your political leanings, but it's licensed under's Hippocratic License,

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It's still under heavy development, but I'm already using it for my own personal websites. Basically, it competes with HAProxy plus CertBot, with JSON config, JSON logging, and a long term goal that you'll be able to operate it in a cluster by just adding .

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Hey folks! I've been working on a pretty sweet frontend proxy named Roxy, written in . It uses to automatically TLS encrypt all traffic between end users and Roxy, and it has support for basic static file serving as well.

Hah, I just got a chuckle out of imagining what the Twitter trends would do if a zombie uprising happened to land on Easter. "HE IS RISEN", trending with: "OH SHIT" and "Shotgun".

Huh. Add "freezer-burned ice" to the list of things that my brain thinks are pleasantly nostalgic.

What was your first Windows?

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