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Insomnia brain is now writing an essay about just how painfully short-sighted the Penrose "brains are secretly hypercomputers made of quantum microtubules" argument is. It's already jumping the rails into "yeah, but where do axioms come from" navel gazing.

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Oh god, my trying-to-sleep brain is outlining an essay in which I tear apart the 14 signs of an ur-fascist worldview in the context of WH40K's unrealism, without ever saying or even implying the word "fascism". Just a vicious takedown of grimdarkness from a logical perspective.


The current situation in the Senate is really one of those "this asshole I hate is on fire, do I piss on him or do I look for marshmallows?" moments.


I'm reminded of my (dreadful) treatment of captured animals as a kid. Mostly frogs and turtles. A lot of them died at my hands because I wanted to "take care of them".

It took me decades to realize that me wanting to take care of them was a *me* problem, not a *them* problem. I had a responsibility to take care of them *properly* -- to ask my parents to help me research the right food, housing, and other needs -- or to not capture them at all.

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Your child never owes you anything. *Never.* You gave them the "gift" of life in the same way that Homer gave Marge the "gift" of a bowling ball in that one episode of The Simpsons: it was really a gift to *yourself*.

If you find yourself not liking your gift, well, tough. The child is a living, feeling being and not a piece of property that you can treat as you see fit. Giving them a healthy childhood and raising them to be upstanding adults is the *minimum* you owe them.

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I despise the mindset that parents are giving a "gift" to their children by bearing and raising them, or that children owe *anything* to their parents in the general case.

Having a child is something that you do as a gift to *yourself*. It fulfills your emotional need to feel useful & needed. The child didn't ask for this; it deserves the best possible upbringing, not because that makes you look like a good person, but because *they didn't consent to be your life's meaning*.

The COVID-19 bill is released and hidden in it are two *enormous* copyright provisions; the Tillis bill that creates a jail felony for streaming infringements, and the "CASE act" that creates a totally new low-friction DMCA-takedown-like court that can levy five-digit fines for…well, pretty much anything, without the checks on abuse a normal court has or (to my read) adequate notice to targets they were even sued.

These have real potential to harm average Internet users.


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