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Pratchett's central ideological problem is that he never escaped a solely protagonist centered view of solutions. He struggled to fully concieve of an answer to society's ills that wasn't "what if the person in charge is a good person"
He came close though. You can see him wrestling with it in his later books.

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We fucking told y’all!


We’ve been analyzing the toxicity of White Evangelicalism for decades and they just tweeted it out:

mastodon in theory: decentralized twitter

mastodon in practice: what if we pooled ten different early-2000s opinionated web forums together into a thunderdome

Status: stoned and wondering how I could convince Roger Penrose to read the Wikipedia article on Computability Theory.

Why is it that frontend coding seems to churn through frameworks that look like Turing-complete shitposts?

2. Can the 3-adic numbers help?

3. What about similar constructions with different numbers? E.g. "if divisible by 3 divide by 3, if 1 mod 3 then 5n+1, if 2 mod 3 then 7n+1". Do we need primes? Are some constructions easier than others?

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It's 4am and I have the Collatz Conjecture on the brain. Ideas:

1. Run sequence backwards, e.g. "13 is congruent to 1 mod 3, therefore can only be reached by halving or by 4*3+1, impossible because 4 is even". Break apart into finite number of cases, analyze each.

New shitcoin model: Proof of Combustion. Uses machine vision to (1) identify individual dollar bills by serial number, (2) verify that said dollar bills have been set on fire, and (3) declare that the winner of a given block is the miner who burned the most money.

Remember when this video felt uplifting, because it promised that the Algorithm would simply do what was most helpful for the user?

Both are class signifiers, with both trucker hats and un-PC-ness as symbols of the "lower class" (in the cultural memetisphere, not necessarily in reality), with these signifiers being co-opted via irony to say "I can slum it and still be perceived as higher class than you". 2/2

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I'm not yet convinced of this idea, but:
Modern conservativism's obsession with rudeness aka being anti-PC / anti-"woke" is almost exactly the same phenomenon as trucker hats. 1/2

@goat please enjoy this screenshot of a Tumblr thread detailed the happenings of Reddit which I downloaded from a different part of Reddit so I can now post it to Fedi

I accidentally hit F1 in Notepad, and... what the fuck is this even. It just blows my mind that there is a flagship hotkey for help that opens a Bing search, for the phrase "get help with notepad in windows 10" and apart from the MS sponsored links at the top it's scam sites all the way down. In Notepad.

You wrote about murder?? Murder is illegal?? You wrote about this dude killing someone and you didn't even say 'murder is bad' at the start of the book, wht wtf, wtf is wrong with you? I can't believe you condone murder, I can't believe you're pro murber, oh my fucking God don'ttalk to me when ou literally kill people, freak. I'm calling the cops, what the fuck, I'm shaking and crying.

The “Keep _______ Weird” crowd needs to learn that the way a place gets weird is by having cheap housing so people can work part time or not at all and still make rent.

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