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I just posted an anti-Bitcoin post to a subreddit that isn't avowedly anti-Bitcoin. WML.

Imagine if it were illegal, upon penalty of losing the copyright, for e.g. Disney to refuse to set a price for Netflix to buy the streaming rights for any and all movies in the Disney catalog. Or the enormous boost to archival and preservation efforts. Nintendo and emulation.

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Huh. Compulsory licensing would actually solve a lot of problems with Copyright Law without needing to shorten it or abolish it. But it seems no one ever advocates for very broad compulsory licensing additions to the Berne Conventions.

I wish I was even half as charismatic as EY, if nothing else so that I were capable of repairing some of the damage he's done.

(Or convince them that there *is* no such thing as "the right person" for bad things to happen to, but talking them into mustering up *that* much empathy is generally a long term project, i.e. decades, and even on the Left we have a lot of work to do in that area.)

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The only way to make these f---ers believe that deportations of asylum seekers are *wrong* is to convince them that it's happening to the wrong person. Period. That is how you get them to activate their empathy.

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... he should then reject this horrible thing called "human rights" because you have now proven for him that "human rights" is a roadblock for his deportations, WHICH HE LIKES BECAUSE IT APPEALS TO HIS BROKEN-ASS MORALS.

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... 2) you can't logic someone into a moral position, morals come from our emotions and other biological drives, and logos is nothing without pathos. You'll just convince the other guy that, since he LIKES the deportations *on his moral grounds*...

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Worst, the phrase "human rights violation" implies that human rights are objective, "If A Then B, a violation has been proven". This invites people to argue with the Right on Objective grounds, which is bad b/c 1) the Right has collectively given up on objective reality, and...

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Labeling the issue as one of "human rights" is to obscure and weaken your meaning, because we *all* have practice with using the word "right" to mean "something that can be given or taken away". Call it "atrocity", or "moral obscenity", not "human rights violation".

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To be more specific, the rights that Citizens have versus what Immigrants have, and who counts as a Citizen and is therefore treated with full humanity vs who is Other and therefore Expendable.

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Thought: the concept of a "right" is already pretty self-contradictory in itself, but the loops that people go through to justify why some people have right X and other people Most Definitely Do Not... It makes me feel ill.

Me: *pushes sunglasses down*
Me: *states in direction of LA earthquake*
Me: *pushes sunglasses back up*

Made some good progress this evening on my multi-language parser code generator for Parsing Expression Grammars. I think I'm about to implement the first actual codegen.

Wow, I just saw a science news article about the muon g-2 experiments that quoted researchers who are still confident in supersymmetry.

Really? Supersymmetry, in 2021?

Undeveloped thought: all thought, all reasoning is by analogy. The same situation never truly comes up twice; our brains simply discard so many of the details away as irrelevant that we sometimes convince ourselves that situations repeat.

... "forereferenced" and "forementioned", twin children of "aforereferenced", so alike in appearance yet unalike in disposition.

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Stoned 4:39am thoughts: I wonder to what degree it's generally possible to probe the history of your native language by creating backformations or otherwise bending the rules. This thought brought to you by the backformation "aforereferenced", child of "aforementioned", and...

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