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To the iPhone tankie who accosted me on the SF Oakland ferry several years ago, who sneered at me for not wanting the Marxist revolution to disrupt society b/c it would kill innocents, particularly the disabled:

Well, US healthcare is about to collapse, so late Merry Christmas.

Thinking about that Jon Stewart clip again. JKR really made her goblins money-grubbing communists, didn't she?

It would now take only $2.7 million in USD cashouts to collapse Tether to 0.90 $USDT per 1.00 USD. Perhaps the end of the grift is finally nigh?

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Twitter really, really ought to provide better blocking tools. The fact that Twitter Block Chain is a Chrome extension and not part of base Twitter is a tragedy.

(Currently in the process of blocking bindelj's 60k followers in batches of 500 at a time, due to rate limiting.)

"capital innovators"
"financial markets"
"trillion-with-a-T $$$ proposition"

Fuck. Well, that's an unfollow. I can only stand so much sucking up to the capitalist forces that put us in this hellhole situation before I have to stop listening.

In my darkest thoughts, I sometimes wish that every CEO around the world would gain personal and intimate knowledge of what a "degloving incident" entails.

I continue to be incredibly disappointed in how the meaning of "Karen" was watered down until it became a synonym for "bitch", i.e. "woman who isn't doing what I want".

Funny birbsite NFT exchange 

Person who has an NFT ape as their profile pic: "I been hacked. All my apes gone. This jhust sold please help me."

Random other person in their comments: "Sorry bro. Please change your profile picture though since you no longer own it."


It would take only $18.3 million in USD cashouts to collapse the value of 1 USDT from $1.00 to $0.90.

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Your periodic reminder that the entire cryptocurrency market is a pyramid scheme propped up by Tether's money printer. The chart to watch isn't BTCUSDT, it's USDTUSD.


"To many people... disability sounds like a bad word to people who don’t have to deal with it. In reality, 25% of human beings are disabled and most humans will spend at least some portion of their life with a disability."

A timely reminder, relevant to many of the conversations on my timeline today:

Always, always, always choose the option that results in the least amount of long-term suffering, not just for yourself, but for all living beings affected by your actions.

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