Even though we’re the last batch for MMM’s posters. we, treasure’s maknae line break your bias list, isn’t it? in these posters, we’re no longer babies. you can see the glamorous charisma and the power we hold just by looking at these photos. how can you’re not falling in love with us? hahaha, please look forward for the D-1 poster and our comeback!

have you seen maknae line’s posters especially my poster? :welp:

Teume~ it’s D-2 before our second comeback, MMM! and finally, after a looooong wait, my poster now released! as you can see, I look handsome and charismatic like usual hahaha, uhm... am I breaking your bias list by my side profile? please look forward and give a lot of love for our comeback!!

@Junghwan hi junghwan! Saw you on timeline, can you shoot me a follow back?

Good Morning! I, Treasure’s Doyoung, Dobby! looking for my members and a lot of new friends to fill up my dry timeline.
It would be great if you’re a selective and bilingual / eng <3

Selective rpers especially the bilingual one if you see this, please be my friend :cwy:

Looking for despacetoon, flaneurish, and Grand Palatial’s fellas...

@Yeudam saw you on my timeline, can you give a follow back, hyung?

looking for my Treasure members and new friends :c

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