OK it is really late here, but today's reveal of the first JWST image of the galaxy cluster SMACS-0723 was amazing, and I am still digesting it. There is so much stuff going on, it is absolutely breathtaking!

Just to get an idea of what an improvement this is over Hubble, over at The Robot Report, they show this beautiful side-by-side view of the previous best image taken with Hubble, and tonight's result. It's wild.

#JWST #Astronomy #Astrophysics

@thriveth @dpthorngren There’s a lot of… gravitational lensing(?) going on. It’s amazing how clear the JWST photo is!


Link to Bird Site Post 

@tsturm @thriveth It's so great! I don't want to steal it but this post highlighting how you can see multiple copies of the same galaxy due to the gravitational lensing.


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Link to Bird Site Post 

@dpthorngren @thriveth Thanks for pointing me to that post!

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