on has a very nifty option: "Open links in a private tab". Improved my mobile browsing experience significantly. 🧡➡💜
• Link about to be intercepted by an app? You get prompted, and can choose to continue in the browser.
• Most website lockouts based on the number of viewed pages (e. g. "sign up to continue!") stop working, thus treating you as a first-timer every time.
• No "attention baiting" with your private information, since you're not logged into anything by default.

Following up on this, I started using Multi-Account Containers on desktop, and only logging in inside the colored containers, but not in the default one.

This results in a very similar UX as opening external links in private tabs by default on mobile (see the thread).

And hey, it's a very nifty tool in general, I hope this can one day arrive to the Android version too:

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