And that's not even the end of it — should you actually find that checkbox and uncheck it... it'll show up beside the submit button, hoping to trick you back into consenting.
If you check it, open the EULA and close it... it disappears. Only to be found in its original place, mid-EULA.
What. The actual. Heck.

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Major Russian social network VK just hit a new low for "explicit consent": as they're rolling out their new email service, users that are signing up may (but probabaly won't) find a pre-checked checkbox in the middle (!) of the EULA (!!!), consenting to, well, spam.

How is that even legal here is beyond me.

on has a very nifty option: "Open links in a private tab". Improved my mobile browsing experience significantly. 🧡➡💜
• Link about to be intercepted by an app? You get prompted, and can choose to continue in the browser.
• Most website lockouts based on the number of viewed pages (e. g. "sign up to continue!") stop working, thus treating you as a first-timer every time.
• No "attention baiting" with your private information, since you're not logged into anything by default.

This has to be one of the most hilarious out-of-context I have captured in quite a while.


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