@EU_Commission can't help but notice how this announcement says literally nothing about the essence of the rules, only about their purpose.

Beginner: I'm such an idiot
Intermediate: I'm great at this!
Advanced: wow I still have a lot to learn
Master: I can tell you in extreme detail the ways in which I'm an idiot

Settlers II IS still a thing in gaming for you?

WIDELANDS - a free, open source real-time strategy game inspired by it!

Singleplayer campaigns & a multiplayer mode.

Widelands has significantly more variety and depth to it than its original predecessor.

+please contribute if you can!

==> widelands.org

#Widelands #Settlers #gaming #Linux #RTS #strategy #games #free #opensource #FLOSS #FOSS #BlueByte #retro #classic

For your consideration:

If you go around asking random people on the streets about X, in a country where criticizing X might land them in jail for 15 years, you will only get responses that are pro-X.

This does not, in fact, prove that all these people are pro-X.

Jumping to such conclusions is not just bad journalism, it is simply disingenuous and borderline malicious.

@freemo true, though with the question coming from someone with "NFT" in their *username*, I'm not sure actually elaborating would've resulted in a more productive conversation :blobcat:


@drq that's exactly why I expected *this* to *not* happen!

But was still curious if they'd use interoperability as a leverage to "compete with Big Tech", given they don't quite have the name or the audience for that.

I guess the answer to that is yesn't :ablobcatwave:

@ZySoua @Gargron

@ZySoua @Gargron @drq argh. When I was thinking of posting a poll "Do you think Truth Social will support ActivityPub?" I never expected the situation to be *this* dumb.

@horhik very DIYish, but deploying is what continuous integration/delivery tools do. Jenkins has to be the most well-known, but there are others: alternativeto.net/software/jen

For it to react to git activity, you attach to it a webhook from your git hosting service, if it allows that (most do, like GitLab/Gitea).

If by publishing you mean hosting, it's a similar situation. There are solutions: alternativeto.net/software/git — but even something as simple as nginx on a host folder will do.

@horhik Netlify is quite a package. Which parts are you looking for?

I'm a firm believer of Hanlon's Razor, but over a week, Facebook has flagged a post and a comment of mine, both about Mastodon (and including a link to joinmastodon.org)


And that's not even the end of it — should you actually find that checkbox and uncheck it... it'll show up beside the submit button, hoping to trick you back into consenting.
If you check it, open the EULA and close it... it disappears. Only to be found in its original place, mid-EULA.
What. The actual. Heck.

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Major Russian social network VK just hit a new low for "explicit consent": as they're rolling out their new email service, users that are signing up may (but probabaly won't) find a pre-checked checkbox in the middle (!) of the EULA (!!!), consenting to, well, spam.

How is that even legal here is beyond me.

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