@LemmyDev @drq it's... not? The protocol doesn't care that much what kind of entity produces activities. It's an "actor", whatever has an inbox and outbox.
Even ActivityStreams defines Group as an actor type, but even if it doesn't fit your case, per ActivityPub spec: "actors are generally one of the ActivityStreams Actor Types, but they don't have to be." Meaning you can use your own type if you absolutely positively need to.

> Note that if you are a Google Keep fan, now that Google announced to end support for the Google Keep Chrome app in February 2021...

...replacing it with the web version! Offline experience in the browser will be lost, but the service otherwise stays put.
Even being biased towards Nextcloud, I find this bit a smidge misleading 🙃

So humanity still refuses to learn to handle conflicts constructively. Instead choosing to talk behind peoples' backs and distancing themselves from the matter if/when the jig is discovered.

And I'm not trying to make just this board or the parents look guilty here, this a very widespread problem. There is a cultural trend of suppressing conflicts instead of solving them, which only serves to secretly annoy and heat up all sides. Until something goes slightly sideways.


Ok, Google, how's this lack of customer support service treating you? :)

Terraria lead dev's Google account is suspended without notice or explanation, with access to Google Play, GMail, GDrive and everything, he retaliates by cancelling Stadia release of the game.

Here we go again, another app suspended for unmoderated content that users can choose to receive over the network.

a really great comic discussing some serious problems with the way scientific research is conducted smbc-comics.com/comic/science-

A friend just messaged me asking if I had any advice on how to read news critically. I told him I didn't really know because I don't read news that much (although now I come to think of it, I end up reading news articles when I check the source of something posted online).

But we are curious, what are some answers to this question that yous can come up with? Looking at different perspectives is one. Others?

Please repeat/boost this message to increase visibility.

@Hyolobrika when reading, being on the lookout for manipulation attempts, typically through logical fallacies. Learning to spot these will take some time.

Here's one "pocket reference" that I really liked, although it's in a form of an Android app only:
...it wouldn't take much to make it into a website, but there are countless other lists/cheatsheets of logical fallacies online.
Say, the "Informal fallacies" here looks decent too:

Now I also exist in Russian over at @dside@mastodon.ml! Nothing to see there yet, but that might not be for very long.
I've wanted to post in Russian every once in a while, but seeing that one cannot subscribe to posts in only one language, its isn't fair to bombard everyone with both languages. So I kept posting here in English only.

@Vacya_Porolon@mastodon.ml @rf если не нулевые, это может помочь освежить основы: learnxinyminutes.com/docs/ru-r

...I know there are pieces of content that discuss EULAs in response to recent events, but these are usually apologetic or negatove, and do not review *respectful* EULA's (do they even exist?).

Hardware and software are usually reviewed on launch day because that's when users start buying/using them. But acceptance most of the time just goes without saying. Why does it have to be this way?

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Hm-m... There are reviews of hardware and software, but are there reviews of service 's anywhere? Looks like an open niche for content 🤔

These could showcase most gruesome examples these "agreements" allow for themselves, what clauses have no actual effect in certain larger jurisdictions, etc.

With these, users could maybe stop ignoring EULAs with extreme assumptions like "can't be too bad" or "they'll make full use of everything they can".


@Gargron @Claire "fleet carriers". You can buy one for a billion credits + upkeep cost depending on what you install there, lack of upkeep will get it auto-sold back. Rather pricey for individual use.
Can jump 500LYs.
Community maintains a network of these, "deep space support array" I think, if you need a pit-stop in the middle of nowhere.

@umnik@lor.sh @rf а чем принципиально отличается от реблога просто пост с просто ссылкой? Не знаю как в вебе, а в Tusky для ссылки даже подтягивается превьюшка.
Или об этом и речь про "реализацию на клиенте", чтоб одна кнопка кидала в черновик с готовой ссылкой на пост?

I often hear questions like "if you could change something about X, what would it be?"

It's never as simple as that! A lot of the time we're dealing things in stable states that, when disturbed with changes, just spring back.
Like a ball that's too heavy to roll uphill, so you have to dig around it in order for gravity to do the rolling for you.

If I knew where to dig I probably would've already started? If I didn't, I probably don't know. I might have a new location on my mind, but that's it.

@L29Ah @drq @rf The notion of cancel culture is a variant on the term call-out culture and constitutes **a form of boycott** involving an individual (usually a celebrity) who is deemed to have acted or spoken in a questionable or controversial manner.

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