@takkie sounds similar (only less subtle) to a recent outburst of jokes based on rewording ad slogans in past tense: twitter.com/hashtag/pasttensea

With the most recent release of (0.20.0) I've spontaneously started picking it over the official app for playback. It's just that good now. Automatic transition to background/windowed playback when switching from the app *rocks*!
It's not a completely seamless transition yet, there's a noticeable hiccup when that happens, but I have faith in community.

Find it on @fdroidorg here: f-droid.org/packages/org.schab

@lyo probably not without a custom implementation, but you can browse its federated timeline from your browser instead: mastodon.social/public

@cauf @rf
Отъеду немного в сторону от предложенного:
• Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – с привкусом Кодзимы
• Furi – сюжета относительно небольшой, но хороший, доносится не совсем обычно
• сам не играл, но советовали Borderlands

Может ещё чего вспомню.

@uguha @rf я с появлением на рынке eGPU под Thunderbolt 3 перестал вообще рассматривать ноутбуки с дискретными видеокартами.
Потому что от мощной видеокарты в ноуте толку мало: (1) надо охлаждать, (2) от аккумулятора всё равно ни во что требовательное не поиграть продолжительное время.
Но даже встроенные карты нынче могучие, способны и на 4к60, и на работу с 3 мониторами сразу (хотя требуют для этого док или хаб). И всё это не в ущерб транспортабельности.

@laemeur actually, yes. Even though I have never ever been on Usenet. I stumbled upon it on Wikipedia when poking around shadow banning: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plonk_(U
I especially loved this part:
> intended to represent the metaphorical sound of the plonked user hitting the bottom of the kill file
...but yes, chances of someone having read that in 2020 are vanishingly low.

Google claims that the clients to Fediverse are spreading hateful and abusive content, But as we all know Google Chrome being a web browser is not just a client to Fediverse but also to many hate spreading places like Gab, etc. :welp:

Lets all report Google Chrome for spreading Hateful and Abusive Content :blobcat:

@johnshirley2020 also new here; I think your best bet is browsing hashtags with keywords you're looking for and subscribing to interesting authors you find there. Groups are represented with the same kind of accounts as people, they relay posts by "boosting" them to their subscribers.

Hashtags are a hit and miss though because they are not curated and can have different meanings in different posts, but that's a part of their appeal for discovery purposes: they are open to absolutely everyone.

@rplatonov @rf по-моему, это просто NFC. Почему другой значок, не знаю, у меня на ThinkPad X1 Carbon только правый. Пока единственное найденное применение – подключение Bluetooth-ушей (со значком слева) под Win10. Т. е. это явно не Sony-специфичная штука.

This has to be one of the most hilarious out-of-context I have captured in quite a while.

2347. Dependency 

title text: Someday ImageMagick will finally break for good and we'll have a long period of scrambling as we try to reassemble civilization from the rubble.


The sign up section has been moved to a separate page, the confusingly interchanging usage of tech jargon like "instance" and "server" has been removed in favour of "community". The questions "can I move my account later" and "can I talk to people from other communities" is answered upfront. Categories are now at the front and the communities are grouped by language with a prominent language filter option. Communities that don't offer instant sign-up are now clearly marked as such upfront.

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