EU withheld a study that shows piracy doesn't hurt sales

In 2013, the European Commission ordered a €360,000 ($430,000) study on how piracy affects sales of music, books, movies and games in the EU. However, it never ended up showing it to the public except for one cherry-picked section. That's possibly because the study concluded that there was no evidence that piracy affects copyrighted sales, and in the case of video games, might actually help them.

The study:

@tindall "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." (usually attributed to H. L. Mencken?)
Proclaiming something to be "fundamental nature" is often times exactly that.

@Gargron @annika then it has the same effect, since it also doesn't need backlight and only expends energy on pixels that aren't pure black.

@drq why, I can think of worse things than that. Like going publicly traded. Because at that point investors become the driving force for the studio, and consideration of players' interests is eventually reduced to a minimum.

The FTC calls bullshit on manufacturers' claims about cyber-risk, housefires, and whether getting your car fixed by your family's beloved mechanic will lead to your murder. It broadly and firmly endorses Right to Repair.

Which brings me back to 2021, were every one of the 27 R2R bills that has been brought before a state legislature for a vote has been defeated, thanks to heavy corporate lobbying by monopolists.


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They concluded that *general* public sentiment had almost *no* impact on US policy making - but the political preferences of wealthy people and large corporations were hugely predictive of what laws and regulations we'd get.

Or, in poli-sci jargon, "Economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence."


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A friend of mine recently tried to share a file from his with me. I received a link in an email, but it refused to let me download the file unless I either get an app (on mobile) or(/and?) sign up/in (on desktop).

How am I supposed to be inclined to use Dropbox it cannot accomplish such a simple task as simply sharing a file with a stranger with no strings attached? :blobcatblep:

Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

Such a thing actually exists! Kinda.

A third party that shrinks terms and policies of various popular services down to bare essentials that are actually understandable and aren't buried deep in legal-speak.

Something to encourage you to question the blind trust in these services, to restrict your activities there and to consider alternatives to especially carefree ones.

(Kudos to for the pointer)

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@bleakgrey hm... something like Node-RED?
It's a generic automation engine. It doesn't really care what to automate and there are quite many community modules.
It's web-based, which might turn some people off, but I don't think I've seen anything better in the genre.

AppDaemon is somewhat similar, but it's full-Python and I think less popular:

Own a digital device? Big Tech abuses copyright law to block you (and potential competitors and innovators) from tinkering with their products—even the ones you pay for. EFF’s @caragagliano and @mitchstoltz will testify that tech users deserve better.

@LemmyDev @drq it's... not? The protocol doesn't care that much what kind of entity produces activities. It's an "actor", whatever has an inbox and outbox.
Even ActivityStreams defines Group as an actor type, but even if it doesn't fit your case, per ActivityPub spec: "actors are generally one of the ActivityStreams Actor Types, but they don't have to be." Meaning you can use your own type if you absolutely positively need to.

> Note that if you are a Google Keep fan, now that Google announced to end support for the Google Keep Chrome app in February 2021...

...replacing it with the web version! Offline experience in the browser will be lost, but the service otherwise stays put.
Even being biased towards Nextcloud, I find this bit a smidge misleading 🙃

So humanity still refuses to learn to handle conflicts constructively. Instead choosing to talk behind peoples' backs and distancing themselves from the matter if/when the jig is discovered.

And I'm not trying to make just this board or the parents look guilty here, this a very widespread problem. There is a cultural trend of suppressing conflicts instead of solving them, which only serves to secretly annoy and heat up all sides. Until something goes slightly sideways.

Ok, Google, how's this lack of customer support service treating you? :)

Terraria lead dev's Google account is suspended without notice or explanation, with access to Google Play, GMail, GDrive and everything, he retaliates by cancelling Stadia release of the game.

Here we go again, another app suspended for unmoderated content that users can choose to receive over the network.

a really great comic discussing some serious problems with the way scientific research is conducted

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