What do you use to #monitor your #selfhosted server(s)?

I'm looking for something that can give me #metrics (historical graphs of cpu usage, etc.) and #alerting (email or matrix message when certain conditions are met). It's supposed to ease the load for me so preferably something simple over something complex.

Many thanks for your boosts.

Like, that's the opposite of social! It fosters the opposite of a human connection. Instead of relating to the person it constantly suggests that you only engage with topics. What's so sad is that so many people are totally acclimated to this. They act like topics instead of people, and bring this attitude with them even off of social media.

When was the last time you asked someone to tell you about themselves and they just listed out things they like? Even I do this.

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Watched “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix today and I really wish they would’ve talked about decentralized federated social networks like Mastodon. They didn’t exactly propose any solution to the problems presented by giant centralized control of social networks and advertising business models. Still was an excellent documentary and it was in the top 10 viewed so maybe it’ll get people to open their eyes a bit.

Saturn looks like it is nothing but ocean. No so, grasshopper! It is a gas giant big enough to hold 700 Earths! But it does have one weird feature, it rotates on its side, not horizontally like the rest. Scientists do not yet know why.


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