I wish there was a handy tool to suggest Mastodon follows from your Twitter profile - maybe all the people with a Mastodon ID in their Twitter bio…

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@dylanmccall there was once, but it is apparently RIP

@wjt @dylanmccall IIRC Twitter took exception to it & blocked their API key

@dylanmccall I searched Twitter for mastodon, limited to people I follow. Did ok. Anybody pushing their id so people follow them will mention mastodon, I think.
A project for your spare time: a website which does that for you and provides convenient follow buttons.

@zkat @dylanmccall well, shit, I don't have time for another side project

@mhall119 @zkat Haha, that’s my problem too! It’s so tempting, and yet… @sil’s suggestion (Twitter search for mastodon, filter by people you follow, artisinally copy and paste) was pretty useful, though :)

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