@cassidyjames Alas, yeah, I was thinking it must be something like that :( Do you know if there’s already a long-term task somewhere to improve that? Gtk 4’s shadows (which should be excellent, if they weren’t the only ones!) are certainly exacerbating the trouble.

I love you, GNOME, but client-side window shadows were a very bad idea :(

@trevorfsmith @mcc I’ve been a big fan of GNOME Builder despite adhering to the same philosophy as you otherwise. I think it’s because it is built around existing tools instead of having its own build system, except it actually chooses specific tools that work well instead of trying and failing to handle every kind of Makefile or something. Alas, it would explode if it tried to support Android. That entire ecosystem is a mistake.

@sil Oh I can help with that! Flathub has a handy shared modules collection for commonly used libraries like that: github.com/flathub/flathub/wik. And indeed libappindicator is in there, I think. (This one? github.com/flathub/shared-modu).

How to draw a mushroom house.

Off you go, then. I expect to be inundated with mushroom houses within the hour.


@mattdm I do! I even have more than one application talking to my Nextcloud account. Wish it received more love, though.

us politics 

@AmyZenunim As I see it the Democrats had 50 years, for many of which they held considerable power, to amend the constitution. It wasn’t important to them. It’s clear that electing them only serves to delay the inevitable.

I guess the idea is they only want Android developers and web developers, not Chrome OS developers. But Steam on Chrome OS contradicts that, and Chromebooks are a very different world from Android phones.

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Anyone else feel like Android on Chrome OS is a dead end? It's so many *layers* that barely talk to each other, on extremely low-powered devices. It doesn't seem to be solving problems for app developers.

@ItsSheVee I took a look because of Musk, mainly because it spurred people I follow to try it out. I’m wanting to stick around because it seems like a better place in general and open source makes me happy.

I'm pleased to note that even dolphin.town, my Mastodon server where the only letter you are allowed to post is "e", has seen increased activity in the last few days.

Thanks Eeeeelon!

@mhall119 @zkat Haha, that’s my problem too! It’s so tempting, and yet… @sil’s suggestion (Twitter search for mastodon, filter by people you follow, artisinally copy and paste) was pretty useful, though :)

So, .

I'm Dylan! I'm a software developer in , . Long-time fan, especially desktop (!). I enjoy getting lost in the details of how systems work. And I'm excited I get to work on free software full time at the Endless OS Foundation.

I love , , , and , and a bit of when civilization isn't collapsing.

My Twitter voice was a bit on the grumbly side, so, looking forward to a clean start :)

I wish there was a handy tool to suggest Mastodon follows from your Twitter profile - maybe all the people with a Mastodon ID in their Twitter bio…

@iyalei Yeah, it’s full of good vibes here. I’m excited for it! :)


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